Stadium PA Systems

Weatherproof Loudspeakers – AS Series
Unmatched projection, fidelity, and power in an all-environment, IP56 compliant loudspeaker. Ideal for demanding installations and mobile / touring use. Weatherproof 8-Ohm and weatherproof 70-volt versions.
All models 100% weatherproof

Weatherproof Loudspeakers – MP Series
The ultimate compact all-environment loudspeaker for installations, distributed systems, and compact sound reinforcement applications. Unmatched fidelity, dispersion, and reliability. 8-Ohm and 70-volt versions.


PA Systems
Complete all-environment PA systems for installations and mobile use. Featuring Technomad weatherproof, great-sounding, high-powered loudspeakers and a pre-integrated amplifier-mixer rack, cables, and tripods or wallmounts. Perfect for sport facilities or sound reinforcement.

The Schedulon™Automatic MP3 player/recorder with internal clock – ideal for themed entertainment, airport announcements, SFX, sports facilities, and more. 1500 minutes of internal storage, upgradable. Assign sounds to front knob and screen for instant playback, or assign sounds to a schedule you build for automatic playback. Networkable, remote control, knob lockout, more.

The DragonFly™ Adapted from Technomad’s rugged military technology, the DragonFly solves your mobile audio problems in any weather conditions. Features include a NiMH battery for 5 hour life, standard wireless mic, coaxial driver, expansion bay for 2nd wireless mic or Schedulon unit, and much more. The most advanced, weatherproof portable PA system available.

PowerChiton™AmplifiersWeatherproof amplifiers – NEMA enclosed, ultra-compact amplifiers for permanent outdoor installation. Stable to 2 Ohms. Mono. Available RDL twisted pair interface, Technomad Ethernet-to-Audio interface, or RF wireless Interface. Power from 130 watts to 2000 watts. Excellent for large scale facility audio where 70-volt isn’t a good fit or where a secure amp room isn’t available – just mount your amps outdoors.