Safe Lead Free Astro Turf

GeoSafePlay SoccerPro Diamond Turf
SportsPro MF-Diamond
Designed for football, soccer, rugby, baseball and more, this turf guaratees a playing performance comparable with that of the highest-quality natural grass fields. The bicolore (two-color) yarns combined with our organic Infill Pro Geo work together for a healthy, beautiful natural grass look.
GeoSafePlay SoccerPro Max-S Turf
SportsPro Max-S
Designed for maxium athletic performance, this turf is the absolute synthesis of our customers' preferences and state-of-the-art technology. To stand up to intensive sports use, the shape of the blades are engineered for optimum ball speed, bounce, pressure distribution and foot stability.
GeoSafePlay SoccerPro Max-S Turf
SportsPro XP-Pro
A similar look and feel to natural grass, this turf has unlimited sports applications. The defibrillated yarns expand with prolonged use, simulating the behavior and characterstics of natural grass. Maintenance and installation are easy and inexpensive, making it perfect for sports fields.
GeoSafePlay GeoGreen Hybrid Turf
GeoGreen Hybrid Turf
The latest development in synthetic turf technology, this hybrid system utilizes our organic infill to sustain living grass seeds that grow among the turf blades, providing all the durability of a synthetic surface with the natural character of well-mainted grass field.
GeoSafePlay RedClay Tennis Turf
RedClay Tennis Turf
Designed to replicate the clay surface of a tennis court, this shorter, stiffer turf is infilled with special red sand that is designed for the foot stability and necessary bounce behaviors required of a high-quality court. It offers the possibility of intensive use with a luxurious style and easy maintenance.