Astroturf Maintenance

The use of a synthetic sports surface for your facility will reduce maintenance and running costs. Monimichelle provides first class advice and well credentialed partners dedicated to field and court maintenance. Your project deserves the best after sales service.

Monimichelle recommends a combination of professional servicing (two monthly normally recommended) and regular service (undertaken as needed by facility staff) in accordance with Maintenance and Operation Manuals. This will maximise usage for the synthetic surface and save precious money in the long term, most notably towards the end of the surface life expectancy of ten years.

Surface maintenance options and advice on how to maintain your Geo Infill Surface (Coconut Fibre & Coir) is a standard service with every Monimichelle installation. The right maintenance is essential to create a good surface that will stand up to the rigours of day to day wear and tear.