Turnkey Lawn Tennis Court Construction

Monimichelle Sports Facility Construction Limited has been constructing tennis courts a few years and we undertake the construction of prestigious tennis courts individually tailored to meet the very exacting standards expected from those individuals who are investing substantially in a quality home investment, their lifestyle and importantly their family’s well being.

Monimichelle Sports Facility Construction Limited designs as well as builds synthetic grass and acrylic surface tennis courts. The company can also work with architects, landscape architects and designers to build courts from plan. We often work with landscape artists to aesthetically address the surrounds of the tennis courts leading to their outdoor entertainment area, incorporating any special features of the tennis court.

Our form of contract exacts an undertaking on our part to provide the highest standard of workmanship backed up by warranties and after sales service. The aim is to achieve a quality tennis court which is sound, well-built and with a superior finish. All work are personally supervised and carried out by our trained staff.