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Organic Infill Pro GEO
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Organic Infill Pro GEO Organic Infill Pro GEO
The first and still the best infill solution for artificial turf, ut uses only coconut fiber and cork—materials that are 100% environmenttally-friendly. It is produced with carefully selected, specially-treated organic and blended fibers, the combination of which assures the highest level of sports performance. Whether it be for sports, recreation, parks, landscaping or playgrounds, a synthetic turf surfaces that is infilled with InfillPro Geo is compared to the highest quality natural grass fields.
Recyclable, lead-free, non-hazardous materials
Steps are taken to protect the natural environment at every step of the process—from manufacture and installation to disposal.
Organic, odor-free and non-toxic
Designed to be safe for athletes, spectators, children and pets; natural and non-hazardous materials prevent damage to the environment through leeching and water runoff.
Dramatically reduced surface temperatures
The Geo Safe Play turf and infill system resists heat absorption and retains humidity to stay cooler than other infill alternatives.
Ideal Gmax ratings reduce risk of injury
With playing surfaces designed to be as similar to natural grass as possibly, more impact is absorbed to prevent injury.
Superior foot stability and pressure distribution
To give athletes the best possible conditions for all kinds of sports, the turf and infill is designed to maximize athletic performance.
Highly permeable system for perfect drainage
Turf and infill systems are designed to drain quickly and cleanly, with no harmful water runoff, infill displacement or flooding.
8-year system guarantee
Fields with Geo Safe Play turf can be used throughout this time with up to 50 hours per week of intesive practice in any sport, and feel more like natural grass than other alternatives.
Less abrasive and safer for athletes
Player safety for athletes of all ages and skill levels is a huge priority. Geo Safe Play's system has been shown to reduce injuries including abrasion, concussion and turf toe.